What is fostering?

When you foster a puppy from us you take our puppy home with you to love and raise as your own pet. You take care of the puppy as if you had bought the puppy from us. The puppy becomes a member of your home but still remains a breeding member of our breeding program.


What is required of the foster family?

As the foster family you are required to be in agreement of the fostering contract. You are responsible to take the puppy into your home and care for and love the puppy as you would any of your pets. Your responsible to make sure the puppy is vetted when needed, kept up to date on shots and flea treatment, and kept on the food decided on by us the breeder. When it is time to breed your responsible for arranging to get the dog to us for breeding and then again for when it is time to have the puppies. The foster family are responsible to keep the breeder informed of any changes to the puppy. 


What is the breeder responsible for?

The breeder is responsible to be available for the foster family to contact with questions or concerns. The breeder is responsible to make all decisions in regards to breeding the dog as well as pay for any bills that go along with breeding and having puppies. The breeder is responsible to care for the dog whenever it comes for breeding or puppies. 


What happens when the dog is done breeding?

When the dog is done breeding the dog will be fixed and remain your pet and we will no longer have any rights to the dog. However we will remain available to contact with any questions or concerns as well to receive any pictures or updates as you would like to share.


∗ If fostering is something you are interested in we would be happy to talk further as well as set you up with another foster home to ask questions to if you would like. 


CKC Bulldog Standards

Vidic’s Bullies is dedicated to breeding top quality English Bulldogs. To ensure top quality pets for their new owners, we breed according to the English Bulldog standards put out by the Canadian Kennel Club. Also to protect the well-being of our dogs, the breed, and the future of the breed, we are proud to follow the Code of Practice for CKC Member Breeders, that you can find on the CKC website

Please BE AWARE of what it means to be a Bulldog owner. Once you own an English Bulldog, you’ll never want another breed, that is something that all owners and breeders can agree on. Though they are a dog with a personality of their own, a true best friend and a real joyful addition to the family, they are NOT your average dog. A bulldog is an indoor dog, not an outside crate guard dog that some movies will imply. Due to their facial structure, the Bulldog is very intolerant to the heat and prone to heat stroke when temperatures rise and they are not being monitored. Needless to say, if you are looking for the active dog who likes long walks and jogging in the park, the precious Bullie is not for you. On the other hand, regular short periods of excersise is needed to ensure the overall health of your dog.

Though the Bulldog is likely to roll around in the grass, mud and all the other places you prefer he didn’t, he still needs to be kept clean. Infections in the wrinkles and on the skin will be accompanied with sour smells and expensive vet bills if not properly cared for.  Eyes and wrinkles should be cleaned regularly. If owners stay on top of this, expensive and painful problems can be avoided.

The overall health of the Bulldog is the responsibility of both the breeder and the new owners. As the breeders we breed only healthy females to healthy males and keep our dogs on quality food, keep them up to date on all vaccinations then continue this standard with new pups when they arrive. Also we advise everyone interested in the breed and looking to purchase an English Bulldog, to do your research or contact us with any questions or concerns you may have first.

At Vidic’s Bullies we take preventitive maintanance very serious. A good diet, regular short excersise and proper grooming will benefit both your new family addition and you, the proud new parents of a Vidic Bullie.

About Our Dogs
Our dogs have been home raised, interacted with other breeds and love the attention from children. Our dogs are taken to the vet regularly, in good health and are all registered with the Canadian Kennel Club.




Gypsie is a beautiful girl, with a wonderful temperament.  She loves playing with other dogs and kids. We are excited to have her as part of our breeding program. 



 Zoe is a beautiful girl both inside and out, an amazing addition to our breeding program. She loves playing outside with her other doggie siblings and human siblings.



Morgan is a sweet girl that loves to cuddle and play tag with kids and have her bum scratched. She is beautiful in every way and we are excited to have her in our breeding program.



Sadie is a very loving and attentive mother. She loves to play and run with the kids outside. She also loves to sleep and relax the day away. Sadie is a wonderful addition to our breeding program.



Georgie is a very social girl, that loves to play and eat ice cream :) She is quick to make you laugh and smile. We are very excited to have Georgie as a member of our breeding program.



Harley is a loving sweet girl that loves to workout with her dad.  She is very social and loves to go on adventures.



Hawk is a funny little girl. She has the most beautiful brindle markings. She loves to play wrestle with other dogs, and pick up sticks. She is always a welcome visit when at the vet office, the staff always love to see Hawk.












Hi, we are Paul and Stacy Vidic. We live outside of Harriston Ontario which is 60 minutes north of Kitchener and Guelph and two hours from Toronto. We are parents to 3 beautiful children. Stacy is a stay at home mom and Paul works as a licensed plumber. Paul has many years of experience breeding, raising and caring for dogs in a home where Boxers were born and bred. Together, with our love of the English Bulldog breed and the help of other breeders, we set out to produce beautiful, healthy companions while always trying to improve the breed for the people who love these guys as much as we do!